Library Shelving

Library Shelving

Our unique mobile and compact library shelving system, offers a range of accessories and practical features that let you define the needs of your library. In addition to elegance, flexibility, durability and safety features, our library book shelving is solidly constructed while remaining aesthetically appealing. Whatever type of library shelves you need, we can help you optimise your space with mobile and compact shelving systems that mould around your requirements.

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Whatever type of book shelving you need, we can optimise your library with unique multifunctional storage units. Our library shelves increase available space, facilities or libraries which translate into increased storage for each department and a reduction in costs. Library shelves can be used to store and protect a variety of items such as books, records and files, multimedia and archives. Storequip library shelving systems are ideal for academic, corporate, public, legal libraries and general office applications.

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Our book shelving is constructed for superior strength, stability and durability. The high-grade steel framework provides heavy duty support which stays sturdy under heavy loads. Powder coated in a variety of baked epoxy colours, our library shelving is scratch resistant and can withstand heavy use. Built to exceed the expectations for stability and finish, the attractive design features rounded corners and smooth edges to prevent damage to books and injury to people.? 

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The modular design of our library shelves offers exceptional flexibility. Designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile storage applications, our library shelving gives you the ability to easily expand, reconfigure and relocate as your needs change. The flexibility in the design allows a multitude of configuration capabilities for your library layout. The boltless design allows you to make adjustments without tool to expand and reorganise by modifying units from single to double faced configurations or vice versa. With our range of accessories you will be able to solve a wide variety of library display and storage needs.