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The Ultimate Industrial and Commercial Racking Systems

Storequip provides you with the ultimate racking systems. The demand to optimise industrial space is on the increase. Large corporations are on the look-out to improve their space capacity. Metal racking is generally used in warehouses, store rooms of supermarkets and principally for industrial or bulk storage purposes. They are durable, and easy to use for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

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Our racking systems are versatile and easily assembled. The cross beams clip into the racking frames making the racks height adjustable so you can store different size items easily. A metal racking system is great for storing heavier items. Constructed from metal, our racking solutions are extremely durable and can last up to 20 years. By utilising metal racking, you are saving space and creating an organised storage system.

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Wire racking is ideal for commercial purposes. They are light weight, easy to install and convenient. Wire racking systems are great organisation tools for shop owners. The wire mesh shelving is an aesthetic shelving option perfect for the display of lighter items. They are commonly used in retail outlets for dry fruit sales, bread and rolls and flowers.

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Ezee Angle Shelving Light Duty Rack System EZEE LOK – Boltless Racking Polypal Racking
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Steel Flooring Rack Accessories