Garage Shelving

Garage Shelving

Easy and Efficient Garage Shelving

Storequip offers unique garage storage shelving. It’s mobile, compact and practical. Household garages are always in need of extra space. Storage requirements range from bicycles and tools to materials and accessories. Shelving solutions increase your storage capacity, transforming your cluttered and chaotic garage into an organised space. Garage shelves let you store all your tools, equipment and materials in a systematic way for easy access.

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Wall Band shelving is ideally suited for any garage layout. By utilising our steel shelves, steel brackets, steel hooks and steel holders, you can easily organise your garage. Our durable shelves are great value for money because they last long in high humid conditions.

Looking for a more robust solution? Find industrial shelving solutions at reasonable prices.

Our garage shelving increases organisation and helps you reclaim lost garage space. Steel garage shelving is cost effective and provides home owners with great flexibility. They are easy to install, adjustable and can be removed, relocated or put back with ease. Our garage shelving systems are a multipurpose, safe and proficient solution to ensure your garage is neat and tidy.

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gar1 gar2 gar3
    Code: Y210
470mm x 914mm Wall Panel
(To screw onto wall)
gar4 gar5 gar6 gar7
Code: Y220
381mm Shelf Bracket
381mm Shelf
Code: Y240
Spanner holder
Code: Y250
Screwdriver Holder

Wall Hooks

gar8 gar9 gar10  
Single Hook
Code: Y260          100mm
Code: Y265         200mm
Double (spade) Hook
Code: Y270         100mm
Code: Y275         200mm
Code: Y280
U Hook