Check-out Counters

Checkout Counters for Sale

Storequip offers a full range of supermarket checkout counters and accessories to match our client needs. Our checkouts are specifically designed for large retail chains and will give your store the competitive edge you need. Counters are manufactured from steel fabricated with vinyl, stainless steel or rigidised stainless steel tops, ensuring they provide you with many years of shopping. Not only are they strong but easy to clean as well, meaning staff spend less time cleaning the counters and more time attending to customers. We take pride in being a one-stop shop for all store display requirements.

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When you purchase your shop counters from us, you can also take advantage of our free store design service. We will ensure that the counters are placed in the correct area, providing customers with ease of access and allowing you to maximise your shops’ floor space. This will also ensure you can add sufficient counters to your store, preventing long queues and unhappy customers.

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