Mezzanine Floor Supply – Steel Flooring Manufacture

Complete and Exceptional Steel Flooring From Storequip Gives Your Business Extra Storage Space and Maximise Your Production.

Steel Flooring – Example 5

Steel Flooring – Example 4

Soyo racking layout

8 ton bulk store racking

Steel Flooring – Example 1

Steel Flooring – Example 2

Steel Flooring – Example 3

Semi Open Flooring

Studded, with return lip
RSF100        229mm x 2438mm x 1.5mm
RSF110        229mm x 1220mm x 1.5mm
RSF200        152mm x 2438mm x 1.5mm
RSF210        152mm x 1220mm x 1.5mm…

Closed Flooring

With return lip
RSF300     152mm x 2438mm x 1.9mm
RSF310     152mm x 1220mm x 1.9mm
RSF320     152mm x 2438mm x 2.4mm
RSF330     152mm x 1220mm x 2.4mm
RSF400     114mm x 2438mm x 1.9mm
RSF410     114mm x 1220mm x 1.9mm
RSF420     114mm x 2438mm x 2.4mm
RSF430     114mm x 1220mm x 2.4mm
RSF450     76mm x 2438mm x 1.9mm
RSF460     76mm x 1220mm x 1.9mm
RSF470     76mm x 2438mm x 2.4mm
RSF480     76mm x 1220mm x 2.4mm…


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