Ezee Angle Shelving

Ezee Angle Upright

38mm x 38mm ANGLE
Finish: Epoxy Light Cream or Blue
REA000          1830mm
REA010          2134mm
REA020          2438mm
REA100          Angle Upright Plastic Foot
(Colour Dark Grey)…

Eeze Angle

Ezee Angle Rack is a low cost bolt and nut industrial storage system. Its applications range from storing office files to large double tiered industrial storage warehouses. The dividers, side and back panels allow stock to be divided easily


Ezee Angle Shelf

Finish: Light Cream
REA030          914mm x 305mm
REA040          914mm x 381mm
REA050          914mm x 457mm
REA070          914mm x 610mm
(1m shelves also available)…

Corner Braces

Finish: Light Cream
Code: REA080

Shelf Dividers – For Ezee Angle Cubicle Units

Finish: Light Cream

Height Depth
  381mm 457mm
305mm REA290 REA340
381mm REA300 REA350
457mm REA310 REA360
610mm REA330 REA380


Back & Side Panels

For Ezee Angle Closed Units
Finish: Light Cream


  305mm 381mm 457mm 610mm 914mm
1830mm REA110 REA140 REA170 REA230 REA260
2134mm REA120 REA150 REA180 REA240 REA270
2438mm REA130 REA160 REA190 REA250 REA280