914mm Gondola System

K.K. Engineering manufactures 8 gondola systems of which only the 914mm Gondola system is detailed in this Catalogue. Both systems are totally boltless, featuring a steel clip in base foot. These systems may utilise a timber infill panel.

Gondola Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Systems 914mm

 Light Duty Gondola System  Medium Duty Gondola System
(Also available in 1m System)
Heay Duty 914 System
1light-duty60  2light-duty80 914series100
Series 60 (31,75mm Pitch)  Series 80 (31,75mm Pitch) Series 100  (31,75mm Pitch – Heavy Duty)

The series 60 gondola system is suitable for cafes, pharmacies, convenience stores and small supermarkets.

The medium duty series 80 gondola systems utilises the standard duty base foot with a stronger upright and is thus suitable for small, medium and large stores. Both systems are totally boltless, featuring a steel clip in base foot. These systems may utilise timber infill panels.

The series 100 heavy duty system is suitable for medium to large supermarkets, and features a heavy duty clip on base foot with the series 100 upright.

1m System    
Series 90
(35mm Pitch – Medium)